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The Journey
Here's Part Of My Story
"I Watched My Income Dwindle Continuing To Use Old Traditional Marketing Strategies As The Multi-Million Dollar Company Where I Was The Chief Operating Officer Fell Completely Apart. Frantically I Searched For Ways To Recover. I Found Techniques Of Internet Marketing & How To  Recoup What I'd Lost And More In Half The Time, I Will Show You How"

My name is William love III and I had the desire not just to work from home, actually I wanted to work from ANYWHERE to be able to work whenever I wanted to; armed with a laptop and my imagination.

For 3 years I was the Chief Operating Officer of a successful multi-million dollar network marketing company. It was fun but it was a lot of work.

Meetings, conference calls, suits and ties, webinairs, lawyers, accountants...."whew" I get exhausted thinking about it.  Most importantly I was away from my beautiful wife for long hours and traveling to places I didn't always enjoy.  Well it kinda sucked.

However, there was a time, prior to being a COO, I made a nice 5 figure a month income from my underwear!  

My goal was to do it again but better and teach others how to do it at home or anywhere for that matter.  To wake up and take the 20 second commute to my computer wasn't just my couldn't be.  It is probably your dream too or else you wouldn't be here, right?

So I traded my suit and tie for jeans and a t-shirt and here is where you can go on a journey with me, see what I did and I know you can do it too.
I love:

           Mike Dillard and his "Traffic Formula", "PPC Course", "Magnetic Sponsoring"

           Daegan Smith, Maximum Leverage

           Ann Seig The Renegade Network Marketer

I have partnered up with them to offer some of the promotions you see listed above,  I have subscribed to, still make money off of them and recommended them to many of my students. 

Only because, I think most of us will agree, that making a list of your friends and family, handing out fliers at the mall and buying leads for $1-$5 per lead is pretty much a recipe for failure these days.

In order to succeed today you've got to do things a little bit differently.  You've got to be smarter and take advantage of all the opportunities in today's market and discover "new school" internet marketing techniques to bring your audience to you don't have to chase people down and try to "convince" them to take a look at your products and/or opportunity.



      * How to have people clamoring to get into your business BEFORE you've     
        ever even spoken with them (This one was thrown in the report as a goodie 
       because it's such a common question).

    * How 3-Way calling and working your warm market are the 2 biggest MLM
       strategies that lead to the 95% failure rate in this industry.

    * The 3 MOST IMPORTANT characteristics that anyone who is serious (not
       curious) about making a 6 or 7 figure income MUST possess.

    * How to position yourself as a leader and an expert in your field (trust me... this
       is a biggie and leads to huge, rapid growth when it's done correctly).

    * The single, most important ingredient that's essential to your internet   
      marketing business (and currently missing) that can have you adding reps to
      your MLM downline faster than a greyhound on steroids.
What You're Looking For...
"Okay, William...I Was Thinking About Buying One Of Those Other Courses But Before I Do That I Want To See You Have To Offer..."
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Get Your 5 Bonus Training Videos On The Blue Print For Setting Up Your Online Market Campaign
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I Hate Spam Too & Your Email Will Never Be Sold