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Dear Friend,

Opening . . . This where you put your series of questions that allow you to identify with the core problems of your prospects and hit hot buttons.

  • Question #1
  • Question #2
  • Question #3

Next identify with these question and then hit home that it's not going to get any better until you do something about it. How do you know? Leads into the conversion story . . .

"Conversion Story"

Starting situation is where you start where they are now and tell them how bad it was with a strong emotional emphasis.

Then create a specific example of the perfect situation and how even then I'd mess it up. Use an exact metaphor to to sum up the situation. Then tell them how bad it made you feel.

Tried and failed is where you tell them you tried over and over again. You became committed to the cause. Give examples that show commitment. Example of how you still continued to fail.

Breakthrough is where you accidentially found the secret to success either by tripping over it or by finding the right people or resources. You explain how you found the breakthrough specifically.

Talk about watching masters at work getting the gold doing the opposite of what you thought would work. Next talk about the "ahh hah" moment. Where it came and how it came about. How you then gave up everything you used to think and really started taking notes on the right things . . .

Consistent Results is where over time your perspectives changed. You started testing what you took notes on and it worked for the first time. Describe the situation and how astonished you were by the results and how bumdfounded you were by how easy they were to get.

Give example of specific situation where you would have messed up but now you never fail. Then talk about what it's like now getting consistent results.

Share with others where you shared your strategies with others. They got similar results, use examples of their results.

Created System is where you put it all together and decided to go public. Talk a little about the emotions behind putting together the system for others and how unsure you were about it, until you started getting testimonials like . . . Share a case study and tell them it's now their turn.

"There Is Hope . . ."

Now that the system exists they can get results fast and be like your case study people. List problems they are about to have solved.

  • Problem #1
  • Problem #2
  • Problem #3

But before you even get to the nitty of the ultimate solutions I want to share something you can use right now that will help you . . .

"Give Away Content"

In this section I share either a series of mistakes not to make. What to do, but not how to do it, or a simple step by step process, one little thing they can do right now that will bring them instant results if they just do it.

The best content here is something that is instantly applicable, little know, free, and provides instant internal proof that you've got the goods.

"Why Should I Listen To You?"

Start with the big "conceptual" reason why people fail and then .

Allude to a missing link type solution.

Give them the concept of what will be their breakthrough success and then shar credentials about who you are and what you've done in the past that fits into and elaborates why they may want to read on to see if they want to buy. Time in the game, results, other peoples results in case study format, graphical proof, research based proof etc . ..

Use story as methapors to weave them into what the biggest problem is, these can be outside stories, movies, shared experiences, bring this back to you and since you strated how you've helped people overcome problems in your area

Case Studies and Testimonials . . .

"Case Study Headline #1"

Text for the testimonial . . .

Name, Where from

"Case Study Headline #2"

Text for the testimonial . . .

Name, Where from

"What The Product Is And Is Not . . . Introduce Your New Breakthrough"

This is where you introduce the solution to the problem the product solves. How the product was created and specfics as to why. You really want to devote a section to the evolution of this new solution that you're about to provide to really really get them into it.


Here's just a taste of what's inside . . .

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3

Use a LOT of bullets, desires within desires, within desires. Don't stop until your eyes bleed.

Recap the value of what's in the product and what makes it different.

"Who Needs This Product And Who Doesn't?"

Casually list "ideal" scenarios for who this product isn't for.

Turn it around and state that if you have any of the following chronic business problems you need this program:

  • Problem 1
  • Problem 2
  • Problem 3

If you identify with any of the above problems then you already know this product is for you.

And there is a very good chance that this product contains the "KEY" to big desire.

"What Makes This Product Different?"

List and explain every REASON that my problem is different from all the rest.

  • Reason #1
  • Reason #2
  • Reason #3

As many reasons as you can think of use!

"But Wait There's More!"

List and explain irresistible offer bonuses here. This is where you have two or three extremely high value added bonuses that enchance the initial offer and overcome many of the obstacle that will be in your prospects mind about buying your thin.

For each bonus be sure to include and image and describe what it's so valuable in and of itself . . .

"Wrap It Up"

Sum up everything they are going to get and make the package big.

In bullet point fashion sum up everything that they are going to receive from you and use images to make it feel like a humngous value to them.

"Tell Them Where And How They Can Use The Product"

Describe several scenarios where this product will solve their problems. Make them money. Get them leads. Make life easier.

  • Way to use product #1
  • Way to use product #2
  • Way to use product #3

"Answer Any Unanswered Objections"

Use a simple question answer format to address any all of the largest objections your prospects could have.

  • Question #1
  • Question #2
  • Question #3

"How Much Is This Going To Run Me?"

Apples to apples comparison with premium option.

Price reduction with a specific reason for why the price has been reduced through exclusivity.

Make it free with value equation. What they get. Time invested. Effort in. Benefit they will receive.

My “X” Guarantee

I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it x ways . . .

guarantee imageGuarantee #1: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied"XYZ" even I you don’t like the color of the cover orthe roughness of my voice on the recordings just send me a personal email any time in the next 30 days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep all my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving "XYZ" an honest evaluation. Fair enough? There’s more…

Guarantee #2: Simply implement just ONE of the money making strategies inside "XYZ"  and If you don’t profit at least TEN TIMES your investment in the course I will . . .

Guarantee #3: Implement ALL the strategies inside "XYZ"  if you don’t at least TRIPLE the current size of your business and work less than you ever have before. First, I will gladly refund your full purchase price, next I will give you $X cash out of my pocket . . .

"Now It Time To Decide"

Close with a crossroads close. Create nightmare vs. dream scenario. Remind them of everything they're getting for low price with exclusivity.

Give them the choice between one or the other and that you know they'll make the right decision for themselves, business, future, and family.

Yes! William . . . Restate biggest hot buttons and ultimate desires the product is address.

  • Component #1
  • Component #2
  • Component #3


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William Love

P.S. 3 biggest benefits product will provide

P.P.S. Guarantee

P.P.P.S. Exclusivity and ask for the order again.

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“ This Is My Testimonial Headline #1”

This is my testimonial content. This course is the best ever . . .

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This is my testimonial content. This course is the best ever . . .

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This is my testimonial content. This course is the best ever . . .

- Joe Smith, Dallas TX

Yes! William . . . Restate biggest hot buttons and ultimate desires the product is address.

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