About Us: Former COO of Network Marketing
Company Sees InterNetwork Marketing
As The Only True "Work at Home" Business

Your name is called and you are walking across that stage with your team chanting your name and you shake hands with the owners as you accept your achievement award. All your years of hard work and long nights have paid off. Your dreams are coming true.

However today you are living in reality with the job you don’t like, the family you barely see and the lifestyle you aren’t enjoying.

True success in your business in not a fantasy it can be done. My name is William Love III; back in 2007 I was the COO of a multi-million dollar network marketing company, with a very promising future. Within 2 years the company shot to 1.9 million dollars in sales, can you imagine how awesome that felt?

Well, I will tell you…….. IT FELT AWESOME!!!!!

At that point I had my future mapped out; my wife and I would travel see the world, drive nice cars, do more ministry and even started planning on getting our house built (my wife’s dream home).

Sounds great?

William Love III

What went wrong?

The owners of the company had some other plans. Speed and greed came into play and "the people" stopped being the most important priority. But that was just part of the problem. The top leaders in the company had run out of people to talk to. They had gone through “all” of their friends in family and didn’t know how to build a successful business outside of their circle of influence since they were all new to the industry.

I Joined the NFL

Not that NFL but the No Friends/Family Left Club

I had gone through every one I knew with all the opportunities I had been apart of and no one took me seriously, even when I told them I was a “COO of a company” or maybe they just didn’t care. Either way, there were more people leaving than joining the company. No one was able to reach the maximum amount of people in a minimum amount of time. The old way with meetings and making lists just was not and does not work.

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Truth be told I am a normal guy with normal aspirations and I would also like to help other people fulfill their dreams. My wife and I are ministers, in a very non traditional sense. I believe if we can help people transform their lives by helping them meet some of the more basic needs then they are more willing to listen.

I was frankly tired of being at the mercy of other people's whims. I wanted more control over what I could control. I knew there had to be a way to create an income from home and be able to spend time with my family....basically enjoy life while I'm here.

I have started traditional businesses and been in network marketing for 20 years so I have seen both sides.....I don't like either side.

Maybe I should say I don't like aspects of either side. Like bookkeeping, vendors, needy distributors, hotel meetings, rah rah, landlord issues......I could go on and on. The thing I didn't like the most about both is the late nights away from my family. alt text

I hope that as I build this website you will go on the journey with me. Let's get to our dreams together. I'll make you a promise you will not find the following on this site:

• Sales pitches
• “Fresh new leads, CHEAP”
• Hype
• New spins on old business building tricks…I mean, techniques (yeah that’s it).
• Scripts
• Witty and catchy sayings (well…maybe a few, sometimes I can't resist)

I want to give you a fresh and honest view from my angle and make it easy to understand. So let's take a trip, hold on it won't be too bumpy.

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As you can see my wife and I like to enjoy life.

I am an InterNetwork Marketer and I do get paid from affiliate programs and various marketing ventures.

I also promise that if I recommend something it is because I have used it and it's working for me.

Let's Go!

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PS: This eBook changed my life and I want you to have it for free, all I ask for is your name and email address.