An Article Submitter Guide to Developing
Your List of Publishers That Will
Assist You in Getting Your YOU Brand Out.

Once you've written your article, an article submitter needs to develop a list of publishers that may be interested in publishing it. The best way to accomplish this is to display your articles on your website. Place a subscription box on each of your article pages to enable your visitors to subscribe. This list should be used to send your new articles to your list of publishers.

In addition, you can visit some ezine sites to locate publishers who may be interested in article submitters and your articles. A good place to start is eZINESearch.

Search through the database for publications that may be interested in the type of article you've written.

Another great way to promote your articles is to submit them to article submitter and announcement groups. These groups enable writers to submit their articles to an entire group of publishers, completely free.

Article Announcement Lists

Article Announce Subscribe:

AABusiness Subscribe:

AAInternet Subscribe:

Articles Archive Subscribe:

Free Content Subscribe:

Make sure you review the submission guidelines prior to posting your article to an announcement group.

Here are some additional promotional resources to help you get published:

Article Distribution Services

If you would rather not take the time to distribute your own articles, there are a number of article distribution services online that will distribute your articles for you.

Visit any of the following services for assistance:

Article Marketer

The Phantom Writers


Writing and distributing free articles on the Internet will be one of the best promotional decisions you'll ever make. Not only will it provide you with free publicity, but if your articles are good, you'll become a trusted professional in your area of expertise.