Attraction Marketing Removes The Frustration of Chasing Down
Your Friends, Family and Total
Strangers For Your Business Opportunity

William Love III attraction marketing

Attraction marketing is the complete opposite of what most people do in business today. Most are doing more repelling than attracting.

If you're reading this you have probably been taught to hit up family and friends to buy your product, try your service and switch their plan etc, etc, etc. Whether this is the first time you have gone into business or one of multiple times, your friends and family don't want to hear it.

Most of them knew you when you were running around with a dirty nose in diapers and now you are business owner.....? Most people can't separate the two.

Attraction Marketing Allows You To Remove YOU As The Issue.

If you are chasing people to get them to try, buy and switch, wouldn't it be better for them to come to you and do it because they REALLY want to. They come to you cause they see value and you didn't hound them about buying, instead you make it their idea. That's Attraction Marketing!

Try offering your potential customer something valuable where they don't feel obligated to buy from you,


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Because they see the value in what you have given them, they feel comfortable doing business with you. When you use attraction marketing you are now giving people the ability to make their own minds up rather than you making it up for them.

NO BODY WANTS TO BE SOLD, but everyone wants to buy.


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The internet has opened the door for attraction marketing and more information to be passed along to the user than they have ever had access to before.

When you go to the internet to search for information, you want the information, not the sales pitch. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer, if you were given valuable information (not about your product) and you begin to build trust aren't you more likely to buy.


"I feel less sluggish in the morning, I have more energy throughout the day and now I can sleep better at night".


"This is the best product on the market, nobody has it and you can get it at a discount if you buy it today"

If you offer helpful information on what a person can do to get a good night's sleep or exercises they can do to Increase their energy without pitching them your sale, won't they buy when you make a recommendation. Guess What? That's Attraction Marketing!

Think about the thing that most excites you; if you think it's your product then you’re missing it.

Does your product or service excite you or is it the what it DOES for you, how you FEEL because of it/them. Then there is where your excitement should be focused. On what makes you passionate.

For the last 20 years I have been involved in multi level marketing and have done the whole spectrum of companies. After having success I took a break from it. I became Chief Operating Officer of a multimillion dollar Network Marketing company (some break). This type of marketing allowed me to understand, you don't have to attend meetings, do conference calls, 3 ways, home meetings and everything that I used to teach my team back in the day. My business became a full time job vs. a side business that I enjoyed.