eBook Publishing Drives Massive Traffic to
Your Site By Creating an eBook
to Use as a Viral Marketing Tool
You Can Earn 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

eBook publishing is a great way to drive traffic to your website There are two ways that you can market ebooks.

The first way is to create your own ebook and market it online either as a give away or charge for it. There are benefits to both.

The other way is you can giveaway or sell someone elses ebook, both ways have benefits.

alt textLet's talk about ebook publishing first

You can pick a subject that you are passionate about or that you just want to write an ebook about. One of the misconceptions is that your book has to be hundreds and hundreds of pages, when it doesn't. You can make a short book 15 -30 pages. You want your book to have its own voice, yours. Tell your story from your point of view with this subject matter.

If you have a website on health and fitness, you can write an ebook like, "How To Shink Your Waistline Before Bikini Season". Make references in your book to your website throughout your ebook. For more information to flattening your stomach, visit 'Tummy Tips' at www.yourwebsite.com.

An important part in ebook publishing is that you protect your ebook properly so that it cannot be copied and distributed without your permission. An easy free way to do this is to download a free software called OpenOffice. This Microsoft Office alternative will allow you to password protect ebook and along with Adobe PDF you can create your ebook from start to finish.

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Using an ebook as a Viral Marketing Tool

Although ebooks make great products that you can sell online, they also make great marketing tools. Offering a quality free ebook on your web site is a great way to get your visitors to come back to your web site and obtain repeat traffic.

This can be accomplished by including links to further information on your web site within your ebook and providing your readers with special offers.

Although giving your ebook to your visitors and obtaining repeat traffic is a good marketing strategy, allowing your visitors to distribute your ebook is a great strategy.

If your ebook is good, here is an example of how powerful your ebook can be:

10 of your visitors download your ebook.
Your 10 visitors each give away 10 ebooks - 100
Those 100 each give away 10 ebooks - 1000
Those 1000 each give away 10 ebooks - 10,000
Those 10,000 each give away 10 ebooks - 100,000
Those 100,000 each give away 10 ebooks - 1,000,000

For massive distribution, make sure you include a short paragraph on your main page in regard to your copyrights and distribution. For example, if you're allowing your ebook to be freely distributed, let your readers know by giving them permission. Your text might look something like this:

This ebook may be freely distributed, used as a free bonus with any products you may be selling, included within membership sites and packages, and used as an incentive to gain new subscribers to your publication.

The key to using this ebook publishing technique effectively is to create a quality ebook that contains powerful information that will be of interest to your target market - not just any information, but information that your target market will be absolutely passionate about. Information that they would pay for and are just dying to get their hands on!

Please keep in mind, you can't write a cheap little ebook of little or no value, filled with ads, and expect it to be successful.

Your ebook must be good enough to actually sell to be good enough to use as a viral marketing tool.

ebook publishing can provide Internet marketers with one of the best viral marketing tools online. By creating a small, quality ebook that contains in-demand information, you can produce an on going promotional tool that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come. Your ebook will have the potential to be viewed by millions of Internet users simply by giving it away.

Try these ebook publishing options you can do all of them or just try one, either way you can drive massive traffic this way.
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