Why A Lead Capture Page Can Do
More For Your
Business Than A Replicated Website

If you are not sure about a lead capture page and what it could do for you I want to show you how it works.

First let me show you what one looks like. This is the first one I created for attraction marketing.

When you click on it you will see it is very simple and it is still working for me. Lead capture pages should not be confused with sales letters. These pages usually offer something free like an ebook or email series in exchange for a name and email address. The information collected on the page is then added to a list (See "Generate Leads") that becomes yours and you can then communicate with those people with offers, emails, videos....whatever you want.

There are many types of capture pages, but my advice is simple is always better.

"My company gave me a replicated site, why do I need this"

The answer is simple, if everybody has a replicated site what sets you apart on the search engines? I am not saying you shouldn't have a site from the company, I AM saying it should not be the number 1 (or 4th or 5th) way you market your business.

Search engines don't like replicated sites they pretty much ignore them because it is nothing unique or new about them. Of course your company wants you to have one, because most times there is a monthly fee for having it, right?

So the first reason you should use a lead capture page (or several) is because they allow you to set yourself apart. Not that you would never use you replicated site, you just would not lead with it.

The second reason capture pages are important is because they help you tailor make your message. If you are marketing travel packages you could create a lead capture page that targets mothers on how to pack when traveling with children. Offer an ebook or video in exchange for their name and email address.

How To Promote Lead Capture Pages

One way to get people to your capture page is to write an article

You also want to create different types of pages so you can run test to see which work better. They do not have to have to be drastically different, just maybe a rewording of the copy. This will allow you to do split testing.

Split testing is when you take two or more marketing programs, such as a capture page, and test to see which one gets the greatest response of convergence (someone actually gives you their information). Once you see which has the best convergence you may get rid of the lesser performing ones or tweak them and run the test again. Here is a FREE option for creating a lead capture page, remember it is Free so it will have some advertising on it. But it is a great place to start.

I have a step by step resource that will walk you through the set up of your pages, with videos (not Free) and many trainings on internet and attraction marketing. You can take a Free tour, but to get the video training I am talking about you need to become what is called a "Professional". The training is invaluable but, you are always welcome to jump in and figure it out on your own. I am the kind of person that likes to figure it out on my own. What I have found is my learning curve is much quicker when some one shows me how.

Remember, "time is our most precious commodity, once it's gone we can't get it back".