Start List Building and STOP
Paying For Leads!
What They Know, That You Don't Know

List Building is the only way to truly make money online with whatever business you have.

Think about this if you are in network marketing you have an organization or you are in some bodies organization. Each person is worth a lot of money to your company. Their most valuable commodity is YOU.

You are on the list that they built.

I was just like a lot of you, I did not understand list building so therefore I did not truly own my MLM business my business was owed by the company, so is yours.

Just because I had access to the names and some email addresses of people in my organization does not mean those people wanted to hear from me.

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There is a lot of talk of LEVERAGE in business, well how do you create leverage?

If you have ever seen the show on television called Leverage, this is a great example of how this idea works. It's about a group of individuals that have a specific set of skills that they combine and use to help people that have been taken advantage of, I LOVE THIS SHOW. list building separate from what is provided by the company. If you have something valuable to offer (real value) and people join your list through a lead capture page or contact form because

You only hear that it's good to create leverage.....but who is telling you how to create it.


Where the true leverage comes from is

THEY think you have value you are now creating a list of people who want to hear from you.If you mass email your organization, after you get past the third or fourth level, the people do not know who you are and why should they listen to you. BUT if they join your list on their own free will and you offer them something valuable (free report or ebook) they are then saying "talk to me". They want to hear from you because they have given you permission.

Now you have created.....Leverage.

{List building = ownership}

God forbid your company goes out of business....I know, I know your company is doing extremely well, but companies go out of business every day. My point is if they go out of business where does that leave you?

If you were like me I placed more value on recruiting new people ONLY vs. leveraging my existing organization ALSO. If you use a list building strategy and you have built relationships with them over time or they got your free report.....guess what you can now offer a new product, service or company and they will come with you. They TRUST you.


I have some bad news

Most marketers don't know that what worked in the 70's and 80's, door to door sales, doesn't work now, as well as THE HOTEL MEETING which worked in the 90's . Amway was one of the first to start the hotel meeting model and Tupperware is associated with the home meeting model...this doesn't work as well anymore. Just think about how many guest actually showed up at your last weekly or home meeting? This age of the internet has opened the door to reach thousands through list building at one time. More than likely you don't have a budget for television or radio advertising...let me say that differently..."you ain't got the money for that" so your only option is the internet.

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If you focus on the value first, list building becomes simple. Use the internet to leverage your access to the world

The most successful marketers are the one's who maintain their own lists.

For example let's say you find a new tool that your organization or list can use to help them be more productive as a marketer.

Now remember VALUE! this tool offers a monetary incentive for promoting it. Let's say it's a training on time management and for every person that purchases the tool you receive a percentage of the sale.

Because you are a list builder, you let your list know about this tool via email and every person that purchases this tool just generated an additional stream of income for you.

The most common mistake that people make is thinking that their opportunity IS their business. Your opportunity should be looked at as one of your products and not the business that you are in. What do I mean?

Let's say your company markets legal plans and you make money selling plans and when someone signs up as a distributor. The plans are your only product, right, is the distributorship.

If you are building list by offering valuable content like, "5 Tips to Creating a Living Will" and people join your list to get the free report they are now leads for your two products you have to offer.

An email to this list about a product recommendation of a legal plan is more likely to be purchased by the people on you list than if you hit them with the hard sale approach.

Content is King

Good content builds trust and once you have trust people look at you as the expert.

Who do you think they would be more likely to join in a business when and if they ever look for one? You got it! the person that has been building the relationship with online versus the guy in the supermarket who believes in

"The Three Foot Rule"

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