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OVER 200,000......

Is the number of people who are searching online for a business a month.  Wouldn't it be exciting if just a fraction of them were looking for you?

Here is another number, the total number of internet users is over 1,500,000,000 uhh......Billion!

I am assuming you fall into that number and if you were like me you just wanted more for yourself and your family.

The internet is a section of the economy that has seen NO effect from the current economic meltdown.
So What's The Deal With Me?
I began doing network marketing as a freshman in college and then continued looking for "the right company" a few years later I was with a company and became one of the top producers.  At 27 years old I was making more money monthly than all of my friends annual salaries!

So you see why I made the career choice...I mean I have a degree in Fine Arts...??? What am I gonna do with that?

I was doing meetings, 3 way calls, talking to everyone I saw etc.  I manage to build a HUGE organization that way and could not sustain it.  Eventually the checks got smaller and smaller.  I did not know how to re-energize my people nor how to get more people.

I lived off my savings, got married and that's when everything hit the fan.

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I was looking for something cause I have had success in business and I wanted to continue.  But I have had more failure than success.  I was the Chief Operations Officer of a Multi Million dollar Network Marketing Company in the credit industry.

Well, with the failed economy combined with a husband and wife in ownership that were clueless at the "value of people".....the company was driven into the ground.

After bailing the company out of one crisis, I was $35k debt  and nobody cared...not even the owners!!
Network Marketing Was My Career Choice
My New Wife Watches Them Take My Car Away...
....probably thinking to herself, "why'd I marry THIS GUY"? That was 4 years before I became COO.

Because the only thing I knew about building an organization was what I did in the past, I tried it again.  With GREAT difficulty and a HUGE time commitment, I was building, the CEO saw my commitment and heard about my past success and offered me the COO position.  Needless to say it was the beginning (so I thought) of "THE TURN AROUND".
The "Turn Around"C ame But Not Like We Expected.....
Instead the "bottom fell out". The company ran in to challenges in particular with "speed and greed".  The money was coming so fast I think the owners thought it would never stop....I sensed something was wrong...but couldn't put my finger on it.

After much gut wrenching agony I ultimately had to resigned and the company fell apart soon after...
My integrity would not let me stay.

Here I was again looking for a way to keep my household in tact.

My wife did stay by the way and I went on a quest to understand internet marketing. Whatever "it" was, I bought it, read it, tried it....because I wanted to understand IT!!!  Until I started listening to the people whose names I kept hearing and reading about, did my breakthrough come.

I don't think you need to struggle like I did YOU Have A what I did or take the short route....follow a navigation system.
Here's the CLUE...Work Smarter AND Harder
Traditional Methods Of Marketing Just Plain Don't Work
And Is The Reason For 97% Of
Failure In This Industry
Here's the good news, Internet Marketing, when done properly can yield a financial BREAKTHROUGH.  The bad news is it can also be a BREAKDOWN.

My epiphany started with the two books that should be in your email inbox shortly..."7 Great Lies of Network Marketing" and "The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto" both by Ann Sieg.

These books opened my eyes as to why the old Traditional METHODS never really worked in the first place and how they definitely don't work now.  You can probably read them in 2 sittings.
Now I Was OPEN and My Mind Was FREE
You know what I did next? I stumbled on a book called "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss.

Now I'm "fit to be tied"....."you mean to tell me people live like this" a "4 HOUR WORK WEEK"!!!!!!  I AM DONE....I learned things like:

LEVERAGE  Using technology to enable your system to work while you aren't

AUTOMATION Set your system up once (continue tweaking) and it runs without your involvement

LIFESTYLE In particular creating the life you want to live, on purpose, by your own design 

Because of technology
more millionaires will be created in a shorter amount of time
WARNING:  Aspiring Internet Marketers!  The information contained on this site, if used properly could make you...

'First Year Potential'
The Exact Secrets & Tips That Sky Rocketed Mark Hoverson From Impending Foreclosure To $500,000 In 14 Months Working From Home.
From The Home Office Of: William Love III
New Jersey
Let's Face It Our Economy SUCKS!!!
There ain't no real sign that things are changing.  I do not care what the government is saying.  If it hasn't changed in your household does it really matter if its "getting better" anywhere else?

Let's face it you've been lied to before by the same people who have been elected to serve you so why should you believe their reports of a brighter day now?

I believe things are going to get even what are you gonna do?
I Learned So Much From the Hoverson's, Dillard's and Sieg's (Just Some Of My Coaches) of the Industry...Whose Coaching You?
Shorten your learning curve, work with people
who know how to do it.
When You Learn From The Best You Learn THE BEST
My traffic increased daily and went international (the orange portion is China)....who knew!

1. Using the Tahoma and Arial fonts are more favorable on the opt in page

2. Placing a dashed 4 pixel red boarder around your buy area will increase conversions 28%.

3. Changing headline color to red will increase conversions 28% conservatively.

4. Change headlines to "How To" "Numbered Headlines" (i.e. 3 Easy Steps), "Who Else Wants" will consistently increase conversions over more "creative headline templates up to 44%.

5. Changing your background color to robin's egg blue (Hex={64,95,ED}) triggers trust and increases conversions 31%.

6. Placing a red headline on all testimonials increases conversions 34%.
I learned and implemented the following tips that will improve  conversion almost instantly on an opt in page:
You Are Probably Tuned Into You Favorite Station:
W.I.I.F.M. - What's In It For Me
The Income: to stop worry about money once and for all.  Pay off your debts, spend time with your family and loved ones without stress or worry.

Premium Access
: to “Team Synergy,” an exclusive team of online business entrepreneurs, and one-on-one coaching with yours truly.

Step By Step Training
: in all the techniques and all the secrets to creating multiple six to seven figure income with leverage and automated systems. 

True Freedom: to work when, where, and how you want; to write your own paycheck; create your own schedule; and do the things that are of real worth.
Here’s How To Get Started:
1)  Sign up for a free coaching session:  Leave your information in the application and I’ll call you back within 24 hours to set up a 15 minute mastermind session.  This will answer any questions you have.
#1- To get a comprehensive overview of GRN
#2 - To understand what the compensation structure is: CLICK HERE

#3- Begin thinking of your dream vacation.
login: resorts
               password: lookfor

#4- Call William Love III directly for a brief mastermind session and introduction: 856-380-0834 (I believe you deserve personal time and attention.  I answer my own phone.)

#5- Become an Affiliate
CLICK HERE and get started with your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover by calling me at 856-380-0834. I will immediately rush you your 'FastStart to Success' Training and schedule our first coaching call.
2) Read further to learn about my first and most profitable stream of income, Global Resorts Network.  This products stands alone in value, and is backed by the integrity and track record of a 21 year company.  GRN has proven to be a more profitable affiliate sales opportunity than anything else because of the amazing commission payout (66%).  I’ll also show you how to add MULTIPLE streams of income around this awesome product!  I’ll go into further detail below.
If you're serious about a six to seven figure online income,
looking into Global Resorts Network is your next step.
Here's Why:  Affiliate marketing is the easiest and most profitable way to generate a six figure income online quickly (I consider 6-12 months ample time to make $500K or more).

The Catch: in order to make Big Money from an affiliate sale 3 things are required:
1. High cost item, aka “big ticket item”
2. High quality, high value, stand alone product
3. High commission payout on sales (at least 50%)
Global Resorts Network is a proven match for each of the above requirements.

Global Resorts Network is a 21 year company that offers two exclusive luxury resort memberships.  Members have access to 4 and 5 star resorts from just $297/week!  Imagine staying in Hawaii, Tahiti, Cancun, the Bahamas…or anywhere else you can think of for as low as $43 per night! 

Like I said, it’s an amazing product.
Only recently has Global Resorts Network opened up to the powerful world of online affiliate marketing - eliminating cold calling, prospecting, ambushing friends and family with the comb over guy “showing the plan”, or my personal favorite - the famous "you have a familiar face....have we met before".

3) - To see in-depth answers to the most common questions I get all the time about the membership product, just check out my FAQ section CLICK HERE

With a system to follow for online marketing, those outdated and ineffective techniques are a thing of the past!
How To Become 100% Informed About Global Resorts
BEFORE You Make A Decision.
REMEMBER: What makes GRN a truly profitable product is the cutting edge marketing system and personal training that has been developed that I will provide to you.  This product is only the FIRST income stream you can develop.  I'm sure you'll build many more upon it.

This is how Team Synergy (the mastermind group I mentioned before) has turned total technology and internet goofs like me into work from home expert marketers and online millionaires.
But, But, But
Having questions and objections is a HEALTY SIGN. 

First of all I wanted to make sure it was legit. (That’s why I put so much
information in my Due Diligence section above.)

Secondly I wasn’t about to drop a few grand on something that was a waste of my time and my money, and I don’t expect you to either!

(Like I told you earlier…when I first started this thing I wasn’t exactly “rolling in it.”) 

Here are some of the most common questions I,m asked:

1. How much time does it take to get started?
A: I’d say the MINIUM is 7-10 hours per week.  The more time you spend, the faster you'll develop your income.  I know it may be uncomfortable to hear (because the common excuse is “I don't have any time”) but if you would watch TV less I almost guarantee you have the time.

2.  I'm not technical.  Computers, typing, and the internet scare me.
A:  Welcome to the club.  Most people are not proficient or even comfortable with technology when they start.  Your learning cure is faster if you have a basic comfort level with the computer, but its NOT NECESSARY AT ALL!  My website coach will take even the greenest of the green and help them learn quickly and easily.  Its just not rocket science.

3.  I'm not sure I can afford it.

A. You may be right.  Let me ask you one question though - are you happy with the life you currently have?  If the answer is no, simply put then you can't afford NOT to move forward.

4.  How much will I make?
A.  As much or as little as you decide.  It's that simple.  I cannot guarantee you a single red cent, because the answer is its up to you.  This much I can pledge to you - 100% commitment on my end as your mentor.  See number 8 below for a more detailed answer.

5.  What if this isn't a match for me?  I don't want to rush into anything.
A.  A agree 100%.  That's why getting on the phone and talking is crucial.  Go ahead and provide your info in the box below for a free coaching session.
Having questions and objections is a HEALTY SIGN.  It means the gears in your head are spinning and you have serious interest in understanding this whole thing better.  I'm like you.  I didn't just jump all willy nilly into this.

6.  How much does it take to get started?
A.  If you went through my due diligence section above then you already know the answer.  The short answer is there are two memberships.  The Platinum Membership costs $3095.  The Platinum Membership will serve you and your family for the rest of your life (and beyond, its transferable).

7.  I don't like to sell.
A.  AMEN to that!  I hate selling, and I hate being sold.  My video above already touches on the differences between selling and marketing.  I'll show you how to run your business so that people come to you with credit card in hand, ready to buy.  I'll teach you the techniques of “Attraction Marketing” and “Personal Branding”.

8.  Is this multi-level marketing?
A. Yes and No.  Let me explain.  If you are like me, you dislike some aspects of traditional MLM.  For instance, I hate the hotel meetings.  I hate the “3 foot rule”.  I hate the outdated and ineffective techniques that still pervade that industry.  Most of all I hate it when someone can't shut up about their “miracle goo” when I have no interest in it.  There is one thing about the industry that I absolutely love though.  LEVERAGE.

LEVERAGE is all about the money! It means that other people out there are going to be making you money, more than you could ever make by yourself.  I'll be teaching you how to take the “Marketing” part and transferring that completely to the internet. That is the beauty of technology.  You are going to drive buyers to you, educated, savvy and ready without ever having spoken with them first.  And anyone unqualified or just kicking tires will be weeded out for you.

Now let's look more closely at the leveraging of money (this is in my Due Diligence section above if you didn't catch it),
because this is how millions are made in this business:
This is Multi-Level Compensation combined with Internet Marketing, the most powerful and profitable
combination possible!
The GRN compensation model combines big-ticket commissions ($500-$1000) with multi-level compensation (this is not MLM) of unrestricted depth and width.  This is how you can make $150,000 in one month (believe it…it’s happened!)
Here’s how that benefits you before you ever make a dime:
When you earn a commission, I’ll make a matching commission for training you ($1,000 each).  If you don’t make any money I don’t make any money.  As you can see, I’m invested in your success.
I can’t stress this point strong enough.  Let me explain a little more:
Traditional business/sales practice tends towards keeping any knowledge or technique that may give an advantage over the competition on strict lockdown.  This is known as trade secrets or proprietary information.

Just the opposite is true with this model.  I have everything to gain by making you better than I am.  So every single trick and technique that I know and use, as well as anything I learn in the future I will be sharing with you.  It’s in my self interest to provide ongoing and detailed mentoring. 

Not only am I invested in your success, but my mentor and our entire team is invested in your success.  That’s called a Master Mind Group.

In fact, Mark Hoverson likes to say that it’s his
“dirty little internet secret” that 90% of his weekly check comes from the duplication of his top students.
Let me expand your vision just a little bit more here.  If you had just 10 folks working with you who each sold just 10 memberships per month, you would make over $1,000,000 per year!
Remember:  This is only the beginning!! Our aim is to build multiple streams of online income.  Global Resorts Network is merely the first.
Check out what others are saying about GRN:
YES William!  I Want To Know How To Get Started Making Money Online.  Get Me Access To The Free Coaching Session!
OK, Here’s The Only Catch…

I’m building a team of entrepreneurs who are motivated to reach a six figure income
THIS YEAR, who want to work with me and my mentors in Team Synergy…
But I can’t work with everybody.
While the Global Resorts Membership will always be available, my coaching and personal training will not.

It’s simple math:  I can only work with so many individuals one-on-one.
As I’ve said, I will be personally invested in your success.  There is no greater commitment I can give to you than that.

The Next Step Is Up To You…
Why? Because I am looking for serious, down to earth entrepreneurs who want to succeed as bad as I do.  I want to build lasting relationships that are profitable.  I’m not interested in a one-time quick sale.  That’s the internet’s classic “one night stand” so to speak.  Far greater value and profit for both of us will only arise out of a committed business foundation.

More than anything else you will need a desire to be coached, a willingness to learn, and enthusiasm and dedication to keep moving forward.
As of today, I'm still offering my regular one-on-one personal coaching, and the training & mentoring of my team, FREE to a small group of serious and motivated marketers.

William Love III
(856) 380-0834
To your success,
That next step is to sign up for a FREE 15 minute PERSONAL COACHING SESSION to answer any of your questions and explore if this opportunity is right for you at this time.

Choosing the right Mentor and Coach is paramount to making your business a success.  Therefore, I would like you to get to know me and my team better.  I would also like the opportunity to get to know you better and determine if you are serious about changing your financial future. 
If you’ve signed in, then I congratulate you.  I look forward to speaking with you.  You are on your way towards accomplishing true financial freedom!

PS - You have been introduced to my business, given successful testimonials, and you’ve seen the results from my proven marketing and cash flow system, so here’s where the rubber meets the road.  Are you satisfied with your current level of income or are you ready to begin making some real income right here, right now today?

If not, keep thinking about it and doing your research.  It’s no skin off my nose.  I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Look, I have to be completely honest.  I simply don’t have the time or interest in sitting around answering my phone, spending hours with “tire kickers” or people who aren’t serious about making real money.  I’m happy to answer your questions - so if you’re serious about taking the next step towards achieving financial freedom in your life, than fill in the form below and lets talk

The question to ask yourself right now isn’t “What if it’s not for me?”… the question to ask yourself is,
“What if it IS?”

WHAT IF you could finally have the life you want so badly? I did it - coming from $40,000.00 in debt from a failed business, on unemployment and struggling to pay the mortgage.  I took the next step and have never looked back, and the view from up here is incredible!  IF I CAN DO IT, (and you've read this far) I KNOW YOU CAN!

Isn’t it time to put the power of a system like this to work for you?  Aren’t you ready to start winning in your finances and your life?  Don’t wait another moment.  Take action.  Request a personal coaching session with me right now.
The Next Step Is Yours...
I'm Ready to Submit a Zero-Cost Application to Secure
a Private 1-on-1 Consultation With You William!
Privacy Policy: Your info is NEVER shared, sold or rented.  I ABSOLUTLY HATE spam just like you!
I'm Ready to Submit a Zero-Cost Application to Secure
a Private 1-on-1 Consultation With You William!
Privacy Policy: Your info is NEVER shared, sold or rented.  I ABSOLUTLY HATE spam just like you!
I'm Ready to Submit a Zero-Cost Application to Secure
a Private 1-on-1 Consultation With You William!
Privacy Policy: Your info is NEVER shared, sold or rented.  I ABSOLUTLY HATE spam just like you!
Let’s get back to the real reason though for becoming an online marketer: TIME FREEDOM.  I’ll leave you with a visual of why I do what I do.

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