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Over 700 people paid $497 each to access the hottest pay-per-click training in the home business industry. Over the next 8 weeks, as a member of the club, you will be delivered one intense training per week. This series has not only changed people’s businesses, but changed their lives.
“How You Can Literally Attract an Endless Stream of Prospects to You, Credit Card in Hand, Ready to Join Automatically.”

This is the original course on attraction marketing. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to become a more attractive seller. In the pages of this book, you will discover a little known Internet prospecting secret that has been quietly making thousands of network marketers rich–without rejection, frustration, or spending any money on advertising. In fact, should you discover this secret too, people will actually pay you to hear about your products and opportunity.
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The previous items are on my immediate TO DO list I would get access to the information and immediately start dissecting it. It is should take one week or two full weekends to completely review.
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I believe in continual education because this industry is continually changing so to stay on top of those changes these products give you THE SLIGHT EDGE.
What's Working Now (WWN) gives you new courses to learn from every month, an online marketer never ceases to need renewed skills and honed in knowledge of the new stuff. Any Internet marketer has to be updated; if not, he would lag behind. In fact, the heart of any web business is skills and knowledge.
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“5 Surprisingly Simply Ways to Build Your Network Marketing Business on a Shoe String Budget!”

In this course, you’ll discover some simple and cost-effective methods (most of them are free) for marketing any business online. It is suitable for any marketer working with limited funds and shows you how to make every spent-penny count. The methods described do not include post cards, banners, or bought sales leads. In fact, these methods are little-known and under-used but will easily help you generate hundreds, even thousands, of free leads every month no matter what your business.
Black Belt Recruiting:

“How to Sponsor 10 to 20 Reps Per Month in any Business 100% Guaranteed!”

This series will show you the best way to contact leads by telephone, how to interview and qualify them, and finally how to close as much as 60% of those into sales. It is specifically targeted for Network Marketers who are terrified of calling prospects. In fact, it works best for marketers who are introverted or shy in nature because from now on, all your cold calls to leads will be “warm” and rejection-free.

The Copywriter's Guild

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MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

Everyone’s Always Wondered How A 20-Something Year Old Kid Went From Waiting Tables, To 7-figures In Less Than 18 Months.
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I sincerely hope you take advantage of the products here.  These will take you to the next level in marketing your business.  For the products that are closed due to the "limited time" offer you can be made aware of them by providing your name and email address HERE.  When they open up you will be informed by email and you can then participate in the special offers

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