Why Former MLM Employee Came Out Of Retirement To Put His Stamp Of Approval On Marketing Business Online


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Here's My Story

I had the desire to work at home, but not just from home I wanted to work from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. To be able to work whenever I wanted to; armed with a laptop and my imagination.

The Journey

For 3 years I worked for a successful multimillion dollar network marketing company. It was fun but it was a lot of work. alt text
Meetings, conference calls, suits and ties, webinairs, lawyers, accountants...."whew" I get exhausted thinking about it. Most importantly I was away from my beautiful wife for long hours and traveling to places I didn't always enjoy. Well it kinda sucked. However, there was a time where it wasn't so hectic; in my early twenties I had made a nice 5 figure a month income from home....in my underwear!

Tossed The Suit For Comfort Threads!

My goal was to do it again but better yet teach others how to do it at home or anywhere for that matter. To wake up and take the 20 second commute to my computer wasn't just my dream.....it couldn't be. It is probably your dream too or else you wouldn't be here, right? So I traded my suit and tie for jeans and a t shirt and here is where you can go on a journey with me, see what I did and I think you can do it too. "Work at home" has always been an elusive idea, mostly because ''work at home" has never really been that. Joining business opportunities and starting traditional businesses became more about administrative work, bookkeeping and managing people. It was more like a job away from home and never working at home. And we know what J.O.B. stands for.....aww come on you heard it before, Just Over Broke. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

alt text I had some help along the way and I want to share with you those tools and tips that are helping me realize all my dreams of work at home success. Imagine using the internet to reach thousands of people versus talking to people one by one. You can use the internet virtually for free and work at home on a shoe string budget, considering you just put money you probably couldn't spare into your new business the less you spend the better.

What Your Sponsor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You!

8 Methods of promoting your business that you (or your sponsor) may not have considered: • Social Networking community
• Writing Articles online
• Bookmarking Sites
• Blogging
• Lead Capture pages
• Email marketing
• Videos
• Your own website (probably the most valuable) Notice I didn't say "make a list".......OMG! I know, I know I have done and said it all before. All of these methods have a specific and systematic way of building your home business and if utilized properly they can allow you to work at home FULL-TIME. Here is a tip: DO NOT get on your FaceBook page and announce to the world, “I'm gonna be a millionaire working at home, you can too” (or any variation of this), no one will take you seriously. Trust me I know!!!! (Did that too.....well not exactly that....lol)

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